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Make your customer’s feel the Grand Suede

DON’T GIVE THEM A CHOICE. Make them take notice. Activate their primal instincts. Sight. Touch. We’re programmed to use senses to make automatic decisions. The more senses you can stimulate with your marketing, the better. This April we have an offer on our Grand Suede 450gsm card! Make your customers notice your marketing, finish your marketing activities with Grand Suede to stimulate their senses. First impressions really do count! Make them feel it!


Here at Oxygen we are trying to ensure that we offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices. We reduced our prices last month with up to 67% off and this month were giving you an extra 20% off products such as:

Grand Suede
Business cards

Business cards are one of our best sellers! Make your business cards stand out from the crowd. We have all been there you get given a business card they all look the same. Make your card stand out from the crowd by utilising the highest quality card and the signature Grand Suede finish. By giving your card a unique design and a high quality finish such as Grand Suede you will stand out from your competition and provide your customers with assurance that you are the business they should choose.

Here is some of the great pricing on business cards:

  • 250   = £107.10, £35.10, £28
  • 500   = £112.50, £36.90, £29
  • 1000 = £138.60, £49.50, £39
A6 Showcards

Our Grande Suede Showcards are so tantalisingly tactile no one will be able to resist giving them a little rub. The soft-touch lamination is smoother than a baby seals belly. Perfect for creating a great first impression!

Here is some of the great pricing on the A6 Showcards:

  • 250   = £158.40£61.20£48
  • 500   = £176.40£77.40£61
  • 1000 = £216.90£134.10£107
1/3 A4
  • 250   = £178.20£74.70£59
  • 500   = £197.10, £101.70£81
  • 1000 = £261.00£193.50£154
A5 Showcards/Flyers/Leaflets.
  • 250   = £196.20£108.00£86
  • 500   = £220.50, £134.10£107
  • 1000 = £288.90£229.50£183

Why not pop in to our store and see for yourself the quality and feel of our Grande Suede. Offer only lasts until 28/04/2017 so make sure you get your order in ASAP!

Feel Free to get in touch with us at Oxygen Graphics