Fuzz Muzzle Project


Last year, Oxygen Graphics had the opportunity to help Rob Hepburn, owner and founder of Fuzz Muzzle, develop his brand of unique, beard protecting and styling balms.

Rob began formulating his own beard products at home, cooking different recipes, until he found the perfect Sticky Toffee Beard Balm which he sold in a local store. News travelled fast and people from different areas wanted their hands on his products. Oxygen Graphics applied their creative skills into the logo, the labels for the packaging of the Fuzz Muzzle balms, oils and waxes and other print material. Fuzz Muzzle’s Sticky Toffee Beard Balm was even featured in GQ Magazine and has received a lot of positive feedback.


Oxygen worked with Fuzz Muzzle designing and creating the woocommerce website which includes product ordering, content management, Instagram integration and a blogging platform. Fuzz Muzzle and Oxygen Graphics also collaborated with Annie Johnston Photography to produce the great, gangster-style photos for the website and Instagram feed.  We make sure our websites are responsive on mobiles, tablets, PC’s and MAC’s as well as ensuring they perform well on search engines.