When it comes to sourcing your print it is easier for people to purchase cheap print online because of the digital society we live in.

National companies advertise on TV, and throughout the web to encourage potential customers to buy cheap print from them using online templates. As printing professionals we know that you get what you pay for when it comes to print products. We have looked at what you should consider before buying cheap print.

As one of the leading printing experts in Rugby, and a franchise, we pride ourselves on providing high quality print products, and design, to make every company that we work with stand out from the crowd. As well as our marketing materials, we also offer expert advice to help you find which product is the best fit for purpose.

Purchasing your print products online using online templates often means that you are not always getting the best possible results from your marketing investment. Here at Oxygen Graphics we know that every company should have their own stamp on all marketing tools to reflect their brand identity, and the success of their business.

Cheap may be cheerful but it certainly isn’t effective. Paying that extra money for a better product will always be worth it, as well as the fact you will be given expert advice as well! The idea of marketing is to increase revenue and attract more business. It is common knowledge that good design sells so why not create a lasting impression on potential clients with a personal design that you will not get online, or that ‘Joe Bloggs’ is using down the road!

The material online is usually inferior to the products we offer at Oxygen Graphics. We previously touched upon what happens with a poor quality roller banner, this is a good example of buying cheap. If you buy cheap, you usually have to buy twice!

If you have any queries surrounding printing we are always happy to help so please contact us on 01788 561991 or pop into our design studio on Albert Street in Rugby.