Have you got your business driving license?


Before you’re allowed to drive a car you go through a training process. You study for a theory test to understand how roads work, what warning signs look like, what safe parameters are for your car. You also take practical lessons giving you experience with an instructor on hand to guide you and ensure that when the moment comes you’re prepared for your test and you can be let loose on the road safely.

When you start your business – there is no theory test, there’s no practical instruction. You’re launched into a new world with new responsibilities and there are new challenges everywhere. You crash into cashflow issues, you steer into recruitment problems, you collide with competition, you hit a brickwall of time management!

80% of small businesses fail in the first 5 years. This is not because they weren’t capable of being a success but they had no experience and prior learning of how to be a success. No one had helped them, it wasn’t taught at school and they hadn’t the time, cash, opportunity or luck to survive the obstacles that are thrown in their way early on. Even those that survive and often flourish are often on a knife edge because the owner is gripping onto the steering wheel so tight to avoid danger and the next collision that they burnout or are never able to move onto the ‘motorway’ of sustainable, systemised growth.

As an ActionCOACH I work with small business owners to make their business as enjoyable and rewarding for them as it should be, and ultimately to help them achieve their dreams through their business. Business is like driving. There is a system to follow, there are indicators you should pay attention to and there are steps that you can learn that will mean you can safely navigate the obstacles and dangers of the road to get to your destination. Talking of destination – What is your destination? Many businesses don’t have a clear understanding of this – how are you going to get there if you don’t know what it is?

Once you’ve learnt how to drive your business we can then get on with the business of driving more quickly, improving the systems within the business so that it runs more efficiently recruiting a driver to run the business for you and getting you to your destination that much quicker and easier.


In association with Oxygen I’ll be running a complimentary seminar on February 2nd from 9-12.30 at

Oxygen Graphics

33 Albert Street
United Kingdom
CV21 2SQ

At this Seminar I’ll be teaching and discussing how you can eliminate chaos from your business and then deliver sustainable and rapid growth in your business. The ideas and lessons learned from this seminar, if implemented, will enable you to grow your business profits in excess of 60% in 2016. I’d be delighted to see you there!

Matt Ewer is a certified business coach and local business owner who’s passionate about helping local business owners in Rugby to love their business. We offer programmes ranging from MentorCLUB where you leverage some simple teaching and discuss challenges with your own peer group of business owners, through ActionCLUB where you follow a coached syllabus covering everything you need to get your business operating and delivering quick growth, through to 1-2-1 coaching where our ultimate aim is to get the business working, growing and improving without you needing to be there so you become a true investor/entrepreneur. 

I guarantee – your business will improve, your profits will rise and you will enjoy your business.  For an initial conversation call Matt on 07773362288 or email him at mattewer@actioncoach.com