Oxygen’s Spring Update

As the nights get brighter, and days get warmer – maybe it would be a good time to think about spring-cleaning your companies marketing. Are you following the trends of 2016 or those of 2006? Is your marketing achieving the correct return on investment? If you are unsure, why not book a free 1-hour marketing consultation with us, to review your marketing. There is no hard sell, and we do make a very good cup of tea!

March 2016 Promotion B1 Poster

We’ve also got an offer of the month; well it’s a permanently reduced price.  Prices have been reduced on our StarMarque Spot UV finish by up to 60% on some products. StarMarque is a great way to make your business card, leaflets or postcards stand out from the competition. We’ve got some free samples in the studio if you’d like to take a look. (We’ve been reliably informed they’re good Magpie seducers too! Come on magpie number 6…)

European Magpie or Common Magpie, Pica pica, black and white bird with long tail, in the nature habitat, feeding bloody rib, Germany

Every thing seems to be very spring themed this month, even when I say that Adam Smalley (one of our designers, as most of our customers will know) has moved on to pastures new in the last month. Adam has worked at Oxygen for over 4 years and he will be missed by all. We wish Adam all the very best in his new exciting venture in the Italian wedding scene. Adam, it’s been an absolute pleasure!


Are you about to start your season of exhibitions, events and conferences? Want to stand out that little bit more in front of your competition? Well look no further! We introduced a range of fabric stands in the latter half of last year and they proving to be extremely popular. The range starts at £119 and incudes fabric covered cocktail tables all the way through to 4.6m wide displays. We’ve got a product for everyone’s needs.