Sell more stuff with direct mail


Everyone has email. They’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all day. They’re Skyping and Snapchatting. They’re browsing and using apps. So many ways to see your marketing message… or completely miss it.

BUT… they’ve only got one letterbox, so post an offer. Why? A new survey+ found a quarter of people bought something from direct mail this year.

So, why go direct?

1. Stand out from the crowd

Direct mail is tangible, so when you land on a customer’s door mat you are already establishing a physical bond with your brand… something e-mail just can’t do. A great option to make your direct mail campaign campaign stand out is to send a ‘lumpy’ mail package.

If you want to make your customers really take notice, Oxygen Graphics can help! We can brand an enormous range of gifts including: Pens, bags, key rings, desk tidies, water bottles, bottle openers, note pads, clothing, frisbees, wine bottles, trophies, glasses and even yo yos! Click here for more information.

Anyway, when was the last time you received a yo yo in an e-mail? That’s what I thought…

Your logo, your telephone number and your web address can be included on most items, to keep you at the front of your customers’ minds. Whatever you want to say, we can help you say it.

2. Direct mail will be opened

How many e-mails do you get a day? And how many do you actually open? My money is on the answer to the first question being a lot higher than the answer to the second question!

Inbox overload has arrived. Even if you send out a kick-ass marketing message, you will just end up lost in the pile of e-mails all trying to do the same thing. And then what… “select all”…”delete all”. Poof – your kick-ass marketing message disappears.

A study by Epsilon showed that 77 percent of consumers sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. Even better, 62% have a specific place in the house where they keep leaflets and vouchers meaning that your brand stays in your customers house for longer.

That being said, it is important to keep your marketing messages coming from multiple channels. E-mail marketing is also a great way to reach customers as part of a balanced marketing mix. Offering the incentives of lower costs, increased impulse buys, ease to create, send & track, global reach and immediacy, e-mail marketing is certainly still an effective marketing tool. To learn how Oxygen Graphics can make e-mail marketing work for your business, click here.

3. No complicated analytics

It’s so easy to keep track of your direct mail campaign, just monitor the response rate from customers who use your voucher code!

4. Highly targeted

Simply knowing the area in which someone lives can tell you a lot of things such as incomes and possible interests. Make sure you do your homework before sending out your direct mail campaign as you can never have too much information on your customers.

So, you want our advice? Let other businesses focus on e-mail marketing. Let them fight for attention in the depths of the inbox. Meanwhile, you grab the attention in the uncrowded, physical mailbox – that’s where to aim your marketing messages.

Right now, our Premium Silk Showcards are perfect for direct mail and are now up to 64% off. Make them even more eye-catching with a cut-out shape, pop-out card or perforation – from just £18 extra using gift voucher CUTME in your basket.

If you are interested in launching a direct mail campaign, feel free to drop us a line on 01788 561991 or stop by our studio for a chat and a seriously good brew.

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