It’s never been more affordable to promote your business outdoors!

Are you planning any outdoor events this summer? Going to a festival or fete? Selling your product at a fair or farmers’ markets? Sponsoring a fun run or sporting event? Get maximum exposure for your brand with our range of low-cost outdoor displays. Save up to 30% of with our special summer deals!

 Throwing some shade

Wedding and party place decoration

Why Advertise someone else brands outside your Cafe, Bar or restaurant? Here at Oxygen we have these new printed patio parasols! These can be totally personalised to suit you. Each panel is customisable and you can design them however you like!

  • Glimmer –  Water Repellent Parasol – £199 Parasol Frame + Fabric
  • Optional base – Water filled for stability – £39

Instant Expo’s


Are you exhibiting this year? Did you know its cheaper to hire ‘Space Only’ then pay for an ugly restrictive shell scheme?

Avoid having to blu-tak posters to the wall with one of these new expo booths. They made their debut to the UK last season and now they are becoming increasingly popular.

They work best if you can hire a space which is open on two or three sides. Use both the front and back to create an eye catching display space.

The Booth Line Up:

Empty old interior



Snuggle: New – A cosy booth 1.8m tall with a footprint of 2.0 x 2.4m – Just £795!



Summer Sizzler - Outdoor Marketing Extravaganza




Huddle: Interesting sloped shape rises from left:1.25m to 2.3m high on the right – Just £995!



Summer Sizzler - Outdoor Marketing Extravaganza



Embrace C: Curves right round on both sides to form hi-backed shape – Just £995!



Summer Sizzler - Outdoor Marketing Extravaganza



Embrace U: Fits neatly in a 3 x 2m exhibition space with a wider U-Shaped entrance – Just £995!


Each booth is made of only two parts!! – a clip together frame, and an enormous fabric cover. Take the frame out of its easy-to-carry case and clip it together. It takes around fifteen minutes. Then slide over the stretchy fabric cover and zip up. When you’re done, the whole thing collapses down in minutes and you’ll be in the car park while others are still looking for screwdrivers.

Taking the Weight Off

Seats are printed in high-definition, using a special process. The ink actually goes right into the material, rather than sitting on top. Then it gets baked into the fabric itself which thankfully means you won’t be having an awkward conversation when your logo is reverse branded onto your customer’s new white jeans.

Summer Sizzler - Outdoor Marketing Extravaganza

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As always from the team here at Oxygen Graphics, if you have any questions regarding any of the above offers or ideas for outdoor marketing we will be sure to help! If you would like to get in touch visit our Contact Us Page